Face to face consultations – history and examination plus a discussion of diagnosis and treatment options 

**Face to face consultations are available again at the Nuffield Hospital on Thursday and Friday mornings. Please contact my secretary in the usual way to request an appointment. All appropriate protective measures (face masks, hand sanitiser, etc, will be in place). Remote consultations are still available.**

Remote consultations: some patients may not wish to attend for a face to face consultation, and remote consultations are available. These can be done via email with photos, plus a telephone call, or video consultations using Zoom. Please contact my secretary as usual who will be happy to arrange this as per your preference. 

Mole/skin lesion checks (including dermoscopy examination) – whether for a lesion or lesions you are concerned about, or just a general full body check for peace of mind 

Cryotherapy – this involves a controlled freezing of a lesion with liquid nitrogen. This is useful for areas of sun damage (solar keratoses), and some benign lesions including viral warts (although repeated treatments may be required). 

Shave excision/biopsy – this technique involves the administration of local anaesthetic and then the lesion is shaved off leaving a smooth flat superficial graze. Good for protuberant moles and other benign growths. 

Curettage and cautery – this is similar to a shave excision but the lesion is gently scraped off from the surface and the base cauterised. This leaves a slightly deeper wound and can be used for treating some small skin cancers and precancerous lesions. No stitches. 

Diagnostic biopsy (also called punch biopsy) – removal under local anaesthetic of a small sample in order to establish a clear diagnosis. Usually requires one or two small stitches. 

Excision of lesion and biopsy – complete removal of suspected skin cancers or other lesions which are then sent for a biopsy. This includes lesions on the trunk and limbs, or on the face or neck area. 

Local flaps and skin grafts – after the removal of some skin cancers, the surgical wound may need a more complex procedure to close up to leave a good cosmetic outcome, and this may involve a skin graft or the use of a small local flap. This is an area in which I have particular interest and expertise. 

Treatment of Rhinophyma – this troublesome condition, which causes enlargement and distortion of the nose, can be treated by carefully shaving off the excess tissue under local anaesthetic and reshaping the nose to its normal contours.

Patch testing – allergy testing to investigate possible contact dermatitis (eczema). Please note that this is not used for food allergies. 

Injection of steroids – this can be useful for treating some forms of persistent alopecia (hair loss). Repeated treatments may be required. 

Botox for sweating – administration of Botox to the armpits is highly effective at stopping excessive sweating. The treatment needs to be repeated every 6-9 months to maintain efficacy. It is not suitable for other areas of the body, but other treatments for sweating may be available. 

Medico-Legal Reporting – I have been involved in preparing medico-legal reports for over 15 years, both for personal injury and clinical negligence claims. I am a member of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses. I am available to take instructions via a claimants or defendants solicitor. 

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